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Let Us Create Magic for You

High Tech Interiors began in 1980 as the company that Designed, Built, and Maintained Professional Recording Studios in New York City. We also worked for Network Television and Radio Stations, and all of the Broadway Sound Companies.

When we put a 25 inch Television, (One of the largest TVs at the time; before Plasmas, Flat Screens, Surround, and DVDs), between 2 High Quality Professional Audio Monitors, what would grow into a "Home Theater" was created. After BSR X-10 was introduced, we modified them and developed Remote Control Systems that could control Lights, Sound and other Electronic Devices throughout your Home, even when you were away. In 2005 we became Control4 dealers and began to Design and Install Smart Homes.

Husband and Wife - Smart Home

Your Home Is A Unique Expression Of Your Lifestyle.

High Tech Interiors makes your automation dreams a reality and brings your home to life. Made possible with smart home technology that is intuitive and simple to use with touch screens or keypads, instantly responsive to touch or the sound of your voice. A complete and well designed smart home system is engineered to be invisible so that your high tech equipment becomes less intimidating to operate. Your perfect home sweet smart home just got smarter!

Smart Homes Are Quickly Becoming A Necessity And Prerequisite For More And More Homeowners.

Today’s smart home experience is all about enriching, yet simplifying, your lifestyle. Technology allows you to take complete control of your home security, lighting, air conditioning, audio, video and much more. We can program all of this into touchscreens, remotes, smartphones or tablets. It can all be customized to your preferences and the type of home you have. You’ll be amazed at the different parts of your home you can take control of. We can even have very specific settings for various family members.

High Tech Interiors is here to help you navigate an increasingly digital world whether it be a smart home or smart business. We are digital integrators and enthusiasts who are passionate when it comes to all things digital.

High Tech Interiors is made up of certified network engineers & digital integrators as well as sales and marketing specialists who provide unique solutions to our clients seeking the best in smart home or business technologies.